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Nazareth College

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Why Nazareth

Transforming Inquisitive Learners into Highly-Prepared Educators

The School of Education at Nazareth College has a long and proud history of transforming dedicated learners into well-prepared, impactful educators.  Together with our faculty, staff and your fellow students, you’ll be part of a remarkable educational community that shares a love for teaching and learning that serves all our children — including those with the greatest needs.

Fueled by an accomplished faculty, a challenging curriculum, and innovative approach to learning, the School will enhance your ability to think critically and creatively and teach you to embrace the highest moral and ethical standards.

Why the School of Education at Nazareth College?

You’ll benefit from a depth of clinical experience

Experience is the best teacher.  At Nazareth our program is strong in practical experience – including fieldwork and several site-based classrooms – exceeding state requirements. The extra time and attention we devote to classroom experience will help you to be more effective when you enter the classroom.

You’ll learn to meet the needs of all learners

At Nazareth, you are taught to identify and cultivate every child’s strengths and unique ways of learning. By being better equipped to reach your students, you will be able to handle the challenges and unique potential of the differentiated learner.

You’ll better understand the role and purpose of teaching

Here you are taught not only the tools of the trade, you will explore the foundational role of education in society as a whole and throughout history.  This approach will help you find meaning in your work and strengthen your commitment to being effective in your classroom.

You’ll focus on literacy in all areas

Literacy is woven throughout all Nazareth education programs, .  It’s understood that understanding the role of literacy is a key to your teaching success.  We also extend beyond print literacy, to address the changing ways our society and children express themselves: computer literacy, media literacy and print literacy are all explored.

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