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Graduate Admissions


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for the admissions application?

There is no fee for the online application. 

How will I know if my application is complete?

When applicants apply to a program, they will receive information about how to set up and log into their NazNet account. The status of an applicant’s application with regard to completeness or incompleteness may be monitored there.

What are your application deadlines?

Application deadlines vary by program. A full list of application deadlines may be found on our website. Some programs have strict application deadlines, while others process applications on a rolling basis (i.e., processed as received).

When will I find out if I am accepted?

Applicants to graduate programs will be notified of their admission decision no more than one month after the application deadline. For many programs, we send out admission decisions daily (as we receive information from the academic departments) so the wait is much less.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

Most programs require two letters of recommendation. Art therapy is the only exception, which requires three letters of recommendation.

How do I submit recommendation letters?

Recommendation letters may be submitted via the online application, mailed, emailed to, or faxed from the recommender to the office of graduate admissions at 585-389-2817.

Do I need to take the GRE?

Only our speech-language pathology program requires the GRE.

Do I need to take the GMAT?

None of our programs require the GMAT.

Can I go part time or full time? What is considered full time?

Program requirements vary. The definition of full-time is nine credits, and students may take a maximum of 12 credits per semester. Programs such as art therapy and physical therapy require primarily full-time enrollment. However, in art therapy there are occasional openings for part-time status. Management, human resource management, and Integrated Marketing Communications are structured for mainly part-time study.

Your entry requirements list a 3.0 GPA; my undergrad GPA is less than a 3.0. Is it still possible for me to be accepted?

Applicants with less than a 3.0 undergraduate GPA are welcome to apply, but should address a lower GPA in his/her personal/professional statement. The applicant should discuss specific procedures he/she will follow in order to meet the rigorous requirements of graduate study, and describe relevant experiences, and/or activities that reflect an ability to do graduate-level work at Nazareth. Applicants should also be careful to explain the reason(s) for a lower GPA.

Can I take graduate classes on a non-matriculated basis?

Select programs allow students to take several courses without being matriculated, usually as they are in the process of applying to a graduate program. Those programs are management, human resource management, music education, and select School of Education programs. For all other programs, students need to apply and be accepted in order to be eligible to take courses.

I would like to know where I stand with the 60 liberal arts credits needed for initial certification education programs before I apply. Can I have a transcript evaluation?

Transcripts are evaluated when students apply. However, we are happy to perform a courtesy review for prospective graduate students upon request. Please note that courtesy review transcript evaluations can take up to a month to complete, so it is usually faster to apply.

I want to be a teacher. However, I wasn’t an education major in my undergraduate studies. Do you offer a program for me?

Yes, we offer initial certification programs for graduate students who want teaching certification and don’t have an academic background in education. At the end of the master’s degree program, students will be eligible for “initial” or “professional” certification in their chosen program.

Do you offer programs in special education?

While our programs in inclusive education do not specifically use the terminology “special education,” the certification earned in one of our inclusive education programs is “teaching students with disabilities,” which equates to the previous language of “special education.”

Do you accept transfer credits?

Yes, up to six graduate credits may be transferred into a graduate program pending the approval of the program director. Transfer credit requests will be reviewed and considered once a student has been accepted to, and enrolled in, a graduate program at Nazareth. The form to request graduate transfer credit may be found on the Registrar’s Forms and Petitions web page.

Is there on-campus housing for graduate students?

Yes. There are a few slots designated each fall semester for graduate students.

What does it mean to be “waitlisted”?

This means the graduate application for admission has been reviewed, and while a student meets the academic criteria for a program, space is limited and there are not any available “seats.” Applicants placed on the wait list will be asked to indicate if they would like to remain on the wait list for the current term, and the applicant needs to reply “Yes” to the waitlist notification. If applicants are not successful in moving from the waitlist to accepted student status in the term for which they apply, they will automatically be considered for the next term. If an applicant replies “No” to the waitlist, he/she is declining the offer to be on the wait list, and will no longer be considered for the program.

What if I am accepted to a program but cannot attend?

Students can defer acceptance for up to one year without having to reapply. Request to defer admission to the art therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology programs must be approved by the graduate program director.

If I am denied to a program, can I reapply?

If denied admission to a graduate program, an applicant who is interested in strengthening his/her application may resubmit it for review in a future term.

I already have a master’s degree. Can I take graduate courses at Nazareth?

In most cases, those with a master’s degree can take graduate coursework on a course space-available basis. Contact the registrar’s office at 585-389-2800 for guidelines on taking courses as a non-matriculated graduate student.

How much is tuition?

Graduate tuition varies by program. Tuition information may be found on the graduate admissions website at

What kinds of financial aid or scholarships are available for graduate students?

Many graduate students finance their education through student loans. However, there are graduate assistantship opportunities available.

Can I meet with someone for more information and/or take a tour before I decide to apply?

Yes! Contact Tonya Guzman, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions at 585-389-2821 or email to schedule a visit and tour.

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