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Nazareth College

Graduate Admissions


Why Nazareth

The School of Health and Human Services

What first began as a social work program back in the mid 1930s, the Nazareth College School of Health and Human Services has evolved into a top learning institution for health care professionals. From nursing to speech-language pathology, from physical therapy to art and music therapy, the School offers challenging programs that prepare students to become compassionate, innovative and patient-focused leaders in the health care community.

Unlike traditional college or university settings where learning is primarily classroom based, Nazareth HHS students actively participate as important members of a health-care team, working collaboratively with professors, peers, and respected health care professionals — on campus, at schools and at top medical institutions. This unique inter-professional approach to learning, which emphasizes both the art and science of healing, is what sets us apart from many other institutions and is a key reason why HHS graduates are among the most highly skilled and sought after in our region.

Why HHS at Nazareth College?

At HHS you’ll grow as a leader and a care provider in so many different ways. You will:

  • develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work collaboratively with healthcare professionals, families and community groups from diverse backgrounds.
  • learn to lead effectively and creatively in complex and changing environments.
  • grow to understand the many  factors — including technology — that affect person-centered clinical intervention and diagnosis.
  • become a proactive agent for change in the global health care community.
  • become flexible, resilient, adaptable, caring, and ethical in your decision-making
  • gain access to to a wide range of internship and research opportunities because of the school’s close working relationship with top medical centers, schools, research labs and clinics.
  • attain a global perspective, knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a complex global economy.
  • grow to value civic engagement through your on-campus clinic experience and rehabilitation and wellness outreach activities.

Nazareth College

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