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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

More than ever, today’s workforce and society in general place a high value on critical thinkers and problem solvers – people who can think outside their own everyday circumstances and who can participate more fully in their job, their social circle and their community at large. Nazareth’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program opens new channels of thinking, challenging you to be creative, inspired, and to see the world from many different perspectives. 

What is a Master’s in Liberal Studies?
If you are a working person or someone who’s older or retired, the MALS program offers an excellent opportunity to stay intellectually engaged and add to your personal achievements.

If you are a teacher who has your initial certification and you are now getting your Master’s degree, you can use the MALS courses to fulfill some of your degree requirements.

If you’ve put your career on hold for your family or other reasons, and are now ready to re-enter the workforce, MALS offers a way to restart your career and personal development.

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  1. An interdisciplinary curriculum – You’ll be exposed to faculty from theatre, history, social work, psychology, ecology and much more. Many classes are team taught.
  2. An enriching classroom experience – Be part of a classroom environment that invites competing theories and healthy, lively debate.
  3. Excellent flexibility – Geared towards part-time learners, our classes meet just one night a week and are easy to fit in to your schedule.
  4. Diversity of topics – Enjoy learning about everything from Jude Law to Jude the Obscure; from Global Warming to Fahrenheit 9/11 – and many more diverse topics.
  5. Personal development – MALS offers you an opportunity to be part of an interactive learning community and earn an advanced degree.

Program Director

Dr. Monica Weis, SSJ

Program Faculty

Program Quick Info

Admissions Requirements:

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Credit Hours:

30 credit hours


Schedule Options:

This program is part-time; classes are held one evening per week.

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Explore the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.

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